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Water Repellent & Preservative for Wood Floors

SurfaPore W is a water based formulation, specifically designed to harness the power of nanotechnology in order to preserve absorptive wooden surfaces. Its primary function is to make wood water resistant and as to assure its dimensional stability and protection against decay. SurfaPore W can provide complete protection for real wood flooring, un-painted wood that needs  potection from moisture.

The application of SurfaPore W does not induce any visual change on the surface applied and does not block the pores (no pore sealing like traditional film forming varnishes). Thus, the breathing ability of the natural wood surface is preserved.

The formulation consists of three different nanoparticles sizes, specially designed to deeply penetrate into the mass of the wood. The finest nanoparticles penetrate through the capillaries and bond with the hydroxyl groups of the cellulose content providing long term protection against water ingression.

Additionally, SurfaPore W nanoparticles block UV radiation preventing wood color changes.

Water paints or varnishes can be applied on top of SurfaPore treated surfaces without any problem, as their glue type content (methyl-cellulose) permits application.

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